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Infrastructure implementation of Iran Mall Black Mask project

The art of cinema has gone through many ups and downs in the history of Iran and has always been a source of effectiveness in social, political and cultural developments; To the extent that people have followed their fears, hopes and desires in the cinema screen. In other words, the screen of cinemas is the manifestation of the intellectual and spiritual concepts of that society.

In recent years, despite the increase in population, the number of seats has decreased. Iran’s Grand Bazaar, with a macro view of the country’s cultural issues, has built a cinema complex on its western side, which has 12 cinemas, including 9 public theaters and 3 VIP theaters with special facilities and the possibility of selecting the desired film for the audience.

This cinema campus with a capacity of more than 1800 seats and modern equipment, in an area of ​​5700 square meters, seeks to create a new culture in the field of cinema. Iran Mall Cinema Collection has the ability to hold prestigious domestic and international festivals in a way that, while paving the way for committed domestic and international filmmakers and artists to display their works, can be a turning point in the prosperity and development of cinema art and industry.

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