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Video Walls

Made to display images collectively

Today, large screens are needed to display large-scale images in busy centers.

LED Panels

The video wall is based on a network that is fixed to the wall with electronic components. LED modules, also known as panels, are then mounted on the grid and combined to form a logical display.

These video wallpapers are also suitable for outdoor use, and are designed against weathering factors such as rain and snow, and the technology is also difficult to use in terms of brightness and color intensity.

LCD Screens

Similar to the LED based video wall, the size of the video wall is defined by the number of LCD screens used. Usually, 55 inch displays are used, which are mounted on a grid to give the desired size of the video wall. Although today LCD screens are manufactured with a very small web width, from an optical point of view the resulting network can also be disturbing. However, this always depends on the content displayed.

Laser Cubes

The cubes are preferably suitable for 7x24h applications and are therefore very popular in mission control centres. As the name suggests, they are cube-like modules that are arranged in a row to form the desired video wall. For this type of projection screen we recommend to provide a maintenance corridor in order to allow access behind the technology and also to consider the aspect of cooling.

Our solutions are always adapted to your needs. TPM video walls with picture calculator provide you with a bright and high-contrast display of all relevant information, such as computer data, graphics or video images. Thanks to precise real-time transmissions, employees and staff can get an overview of the current situation and react to events in good time. We know the special requirements in this area and therefore only use suitable equipment.

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  • Emergency services & transport
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Defence & security
  • Medicine & health
  • Media & broadcasting


  • Control rooms
  • Crisis rooms
  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Smart city operations center
  • AV for companies
  • Advertising

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