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NOC Room

Network Operations Center

The Network Control Center is a central location that supports organizations’ network and telecommunications infrastructure, tracks, reports, and solves IT infrastructure events and problems, and ultimately ensures that data centers are always accessible.

Sometimes a NOC is built in the heart of a data center, but sometimes the NOC is separate from the data center and in another building or location. The NOC is connected to the high-speed Internet and corporate network and telecommunications infrastructure, and because it has to provide the bandwidth needed for other sectors, it often connects directly to the Internet backbone.
TPM gives you this commitment with 24/7 support for the concern of disrupting the order between the data center and the network control center.


  • Emergency services 
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Defense & security
  • Media & broadcasting


  • Control rooms
  • Crisis rooms
  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Smart city operations center
  • AV for companies

NOC room references.

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