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SOC Room

Security Operations Center

Advanced digitalization also poses new challenges for Iranian politics, business, and society. Illegal use of digital technologies and content is the challenge of the 21st century. Disruptions, manipulation, sabotage and targeted attacks through electronic networks are among the cyber threats. This affects not only companies but also private households.

In order to monitor public network activities, so-called Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are set up globally. In addition to cyber security, the main area of application can also include smart city applications. These centers, whether federally designed or for private sector companies, are equipped with the latest infrastructure and work equipment, thus providing the best possible basis for defending against potential attacks.

In addition to cyber security, modern urban management, also known as smart city management, is one of the most important disciplines of modern SOCs.

We are your worthy partner for planning, implementing and operating security operations centers. System integration by professionals for professionals. We are ready for your challenge!


  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Defense & security
  • Media & broadcasting


  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Smart city operations

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