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Smart City

Smart City Management

Cities and regions need to be further developed due to the ecological and economic pressure on the public sector. The quality of life should increase and the environment should calm down. The need for these issues is to make the city of the future smarter.

The basis for detecting movements and extracting trends in urban areas is collecting and evaluating data from smart sensors. This data is collected and can be used through applications.

All information, all data sources that converge and are evaluated, must be adequately presented and controlled. Although most work is done by the most advanced IT infrastructure, people remain at the center of decisions. For this reason, ergonomics and visual performance in the workplace are essential to the design of such central systems.

TPM Smart City Solutions puts your applications on a shared platform, which can be run at work and displayed on a video wall. TPM can also link this data to video surveillance data and video analytics for automated connections.

TPM control room solutions are always IP based systems. It also allows for a trans-regional connection, for example to a security control center or to an emergency control center. Large images with maps of cities and regions can be displayed interactively on our LED or laser video walls. These monitors are optimized for 24-hour continuous operation and can be optimally combined with workplace monitors. Only now the circle between the workstation, operations and targeted information sharing is completed on the large circle screen.

Get ready for the challenge!


  • Emergency services & transport
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Medicine & health
  • Media & broadcasting


  • Control rooms
  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Smart city operations center

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