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In addition to designing and implementing the project as a consultant and executor, TPM company works closely with many prominent brands in the world:

In this regard, the ability to provide engineering services and specialized human resources, has always been the focus of this company, so investing in intelligent systems and attracting academic elite in related fields is one of the specific methods with high efficiency in our company. Numerous trainings and courses in many brands that cooperate with our company are among our experimental and specialized results, and even with brands that are new and standard, we establish a good technical relationship to start and cooperate.


It can be said that Hikvision is the only brand in Iran that is used jointly in small projects (houses, small administrative and commercial units, etc.) and very large projects (refineries, large factories, etc.). To take. The reason for this is the production of a very wide range of products according to the needs of customers. So that Hikvision economic series products can compete with some of the cheapest protection equipment in Iran and still maintain their quality and standards.


Founded in 1994, Advancis is an international market leader in the field of vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). Independence and vendor-neutrality are key advantages of its WinGuard PSIM system, as it integrates the total security, building, communications, and IT infrastructure.


LG Electronics is a Korean multinational electronics company, Known as one of the major companies in the field of electronics and information technology. LG is a well-known and long-standing Korean brand in industries such as electronics, chemistry and telecommunications.


Milestone or Milestone image management software Milestone. software currently supports more than 900 camera models from 80 reputable manufacturers worldwide. The company is in the top ranks of manufacturers of management and video surveillance software.

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