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KVM Controls

Signal and wiring management

Do you want to professionally display and distribute PC, audio and video signals? Here are your options.
Real-time distribution of signals
It allows you to transfer signals from different sources such as audio, video and data (AVD) from one place to another without any restrictions. We can design a solution for your specific needs and combine it with an operating system.

Signal current
Used where instantaneous transmission of audio, video and data signals is not necessary, but different locations must be connected. Signal transmission from audio sources is possible with or without imaging data.

KVM solution
We can design a multi-system user interface for workstations with many peripherals such as monitors, mice, keyboards and audio devices. This results in a well-arranged workstation with only a few devices and a separate data processor in the engineering room. Wiring is done by a general cabling system as well as by optical fibers.


  • Emergency services & transport
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Defense & security
  • Banking & financial services


  • Control rooms
  • Crisis rooms
  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Smart city operations center
  • Trading rooms

KVM controls references.

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